This is my most loved calculator. I am on my second one of them (one of them endured through building school lastly needed to put to rest when the screen broke following 5-6 years substantial use with things like 8 hour exams). I additionally asked for that I get 2 for work, one for my work area in the workplace and one for my seat in the research facility. At the cost, this is an incredible calculator, and in the event that you invest the effort to take in the capacities it can do a considerable amount (ascertains midpoints, standard deviations, and the sky is the limit from there). Additionally, I did attempt to change to an application on my telephone at a certain point, yet none of them contrast in usefulness and a genuine experimental calculator, and typically telephones are denied amid exams. One other thing - this calculator is on the endorsed list for the Oregon Fundamentals of Engineering Exam too. I wouldn't believe some other calculator (diagramming calculators not permitted) to get me through that, and it did fine and dandy. I like my contraptions to be hued uniquely in contrast to the ordinary dim and dark and I required an exploratory calculator to review insights papers, so I purchased this one for shabby. I don't realize what I can say - it's an awesome exploratory calculator. Has the majority of the capacities that are important for me - sine, cosine, digression; division to decimal; likelihood works; a few factual capacities (to the point that we don't really permit this calculator on our insights exams; it explains the mean, standard deviation and difference for a rundown of variables) and others. There's a little card inside the spread that lets you know how to perform these capacities. What's more, it's pink! I'm the one and only with a pink calculator so I know it won't vanish. Just note - it's not precisely as envisioned. The window around the screen doesn't have any pink blossoms on it; it's simply white. Other than that, it would appear that the photo. At the point when working appropriately, these are awesome calculators: reasonable, easy to learn, fuctional, little, accompanies case, simple to reset the memory, and so forth. It's not as massive or costly as something prefer the TI-89 and on arrangement of diagramming calculators. I prescribe these calculators for all my science classes. I've never needed to utilize the transgression, cos, and tan catches, yet one component that is particularly helpful in science class is the capacity to move between exploratory documentation and typical documentation (end, sci/eng, right, enter). It sounds more confused than it truly is and once you do it once, you'll be fine. Incidentally, singular calculators will have sloppy catches that stick a bit. All things considered, you must be additional watchful while inputting information, however for the most part this gets altered with enough utilize. Conclusion: Good decision for science class. Contrasting the Texas Instruments TI30XIIs calculator with the CASIO, the CASIO may be more easy to use and less demanding to utilize portions. Click here to know more. However the CASIO does not keep things in memory when it stop while the TI does. The CASIO will likewise not give the right response to a couple of particular sorts of issues including enclosures. For instance (4)(4) separated (4)(4). Sorry I don't know how to put an isolated image into this content. The right answer is 16; the CASIO will give an answer of 1. It is effortlessly redressed by recalling to put a times image between the brackets, however it is as yet irritating that CASIO declines to rectify this rationale blunder. As a math instructor, I have had the chance to work with a wide range of calculators however the years. My understudies are not prepared for diagramming calculators yet but rather need something that can accomplish more than simply include and subtract. The TI-30X IIS is the best of everything. The 2-line section utilizes the same passage system as the TI diagramming calculators so it serves as a section level calculator for when understudies get to secondary school and need to overhaul. It permits the understudies to request of operations, examples, divisions, decimals, adjusting, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. The cost is correct yet watch out for deals. Around August I've considered them to be low as $8.99. The calculator likewise arrives in an assortment of hues so you can get something that will emerge in class for your kid.